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For many years, the opportunities that digital gives storytellers to take readers deeper into their worlds has fascinated me. When I began writing The Katadesis Chronicles, I knew I wanted the virtual world not as an afterthought, but woven into the fabric of the story. To allow the readers to change from passive bystander to one in which they can interact and evolve with the story. With this in mind, I planned the book series, writing and building virtual worlds and experiences in tandem. I found one influenced the other like twins who were separate identities and yet undeniably linked.

Where possible, my stories are based on fact. The Silk Road, Medicis, Tesla and Voynich Manuscript existed. Like all storytellers, I have applied a certain amount of artistic license for the sake of plot. My goal has been to merge virtual and real worlds, fact and fiction, to create an alternative reality in which my readers feel that the events and actions could be true.

In both Eye Of The Beholder and the Paradise Series, I  have employed the same approach. Using augmented reality to allow the reader to experience the visions of Harper in Eye Of The Beholder. Whilst the virtual world of Paradise enabled 70s New York to be only a click away. As always, my aim has been to explore what story telling can be.

Please continue to read your favourite book lying in the sun or on a rainy afternoon. It is a unique pleasure that requires nothing more than your imagination. But if you’d like to dip your toe in a little further. Join me and enter these virtual worlds to create your own experiences. Whatever your preference, I hope these books will be both your entry and your touchstone. The rest is up to you.

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