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Standing tall at six-foot-two, the origin of BabyBoy’s moniker remains a mystery. Much like his enigmatic past, it remains a secret known only to his countenance. As for his occupation, one might describe it as being in the realm of entertainment, or more specifically, escort services, though he divulges little beyond that.

Frequenting the numerous clubs that pepper the city, some well-known, others hidden in the shadows. A proud former resident of Georgia, his distinctive southern drawl carries through the air at the MacArthur Bar, where he assists in removing patrons whose behaviour crosses the line of propriety. Agreeing to wear the preferred dress of a standard shirt and pants, he remains steadfast in his refusal to abandon his signature glitter eyeshadow. Over time, both parties have reached a mutual compromise, allowing him to maintain this unique aspect of his persona. Those who have mentioned this affectation have learned to their cost not to pass judgment. His father, a keen amateur boxer, passed the skill along to his son to toughen him up.


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