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Big Ted
Big Ted embarked on his journey to Paradise fifteen years ago, having inherited his late uncle’s establishment–a purveyor of literature intended for mature audiences. Alas, the bequest proved more burdensome than beneficial. Ted had envisioned the building, its subterranean recesses, and the quaint yard as the foundation for a comfortable future. In truth, they amounted to little more than an ever-growing pile of liabilities.

The modest lodgings above the shop were subject to regulated rental rates, providing scant income. In the cluttered basement, masquerading as a ‘club,’ the damp walls served as the sole source of flowing water, presenting a veritable minefield of health risks. The outdoor space, intended as a yard, had devolved into a magnet for refuse and those souls lost to addiction.

Yet, amidst this disarray, Big Ted perseveres, fueled by a steadfast belief that fortune will one day smile upon him.


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