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A lady of particular disposition, Bling-Bling, cherishes a mere trio of treasures in her life: the glitter of precious stones, the unwavering loyalty of her petite canine companion, DeBeers, and her Grandson, Eaton Ying. It is whispered among the curious that her spouse’s final resting place lays concealed beneath the concrete of dryer three at the King Wash launderette. Yet, as is often the case with such claims, it remains nothing more than idle speculation.

Armed with a cunning intellect, she has transformed the humble assortment of shops she acquired into a thriving dominion. Few secrets of Paradise remained hidden from her keen eyes, and even fewer ventures escaped her influence. Her diminutive frame belies the magnitude of her ambition and the ferocity of her temperament.

Her lavish abode, sprawled across the entire top floor, sits above the six-story block she owns. It is shared with her cherished DeBeers, a pair of stalwart bodyguards, and perhaps her greatest treasure, her grandson Eaton. Named after the famous School in England, his academic achievement is slightly less heady. She claims he is a Harvard boy, although which Harvard she refers to is unclear.


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