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If birds fly over the rainbow, why then, oh why, can’t I? Like Dorothy in search of home, Bluebird is a wandering soul, yearning for the security he has never known. The first in a long line of his mother’s boyfriends made it abundantly clear that their cramped trailer could not accommodate a third. On his fifteenth birthday, presented with a bus ticket and fifty dollars, Bluebird embraced the beckoning open road.

His journey first led him to Boston, then onward to New York, and ultimately to the hotel at 34 Eastside, a sanctuary for wayward souls. With his financial situation ever fluctuating, Jackson, the hotel’s proprietor, took pity on the young wanderer, offering him shelter in exchange for various tasks around the establishment.

Bluebird’s aptitude in these duties often falls short of competent and, on occasion, verges on the comical. Yet his gentle heart and timid demeanour have endeared him to those who cross his path. Perhaps one day, he will emerge as a brilliant painter, for his poignant sketches of the diverse residents of Paradise have taken many by surprise.


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