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Candy Shop, like its illustrious counterpart, Studio 54, occupies a place in the annals of legend. Its entrance is guarded from the serpentine queues of hopeful attendees by impressive bouncers. The unspoken decree governing its doors demands patrons be illustrious or strikingly resplendent. With a heady blend of Disco, Funk, and R&B spun by the most sought-after DJs and an opulent interior conceived by the esteemed Halston, Candy Shop’s exclusive clientele spans the gamut from rock royalty to the glitterati of the silver screen.

Upon learning of Bianca Jagger’s equestrian escapades on the dance floor of Studio 54, Marco Banderville, the mastermind behind Candy Shop, enlisted the renowned Siegfried and Roy to conjure a magnificent white Siberian tiger amidst the gyrating bodies on his own hallowed dance floor. In a brazen display of rivalry, he dispatched a parcel of equine excrement to Steve Rubell and Ian Schrager, the proprietors of Studio 54, accompanied by the scathing message: “‘For your shitty little club.”

The legendary Candy Shop, forever locked in a battle for supremacy with Studio 54, continues to set the stage for grand spectacles and unforgettable nights, as both establishments vie for their place in history.

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