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Hailing from the district of London, as her name suggests, Chelsea landed in New York determined to experience all the city could offer. Spending her nights in its most fashionable clubs, mingling with the rich and famous. Although not yet one of their ranks, she can blag her way into the most prestigious establishment.

Her clothes, daring and flamboyant, like her morals, defy the boundaries of convention. Carried with a style uniquely her own. Landing a job as an assistant to a prominent fashion photographer, she found herself in the company of the very individuals whose lives she had admired from afar. Once living in the luxury of a prestigious hotel, Chelsea’s spirited celebrations led to her expulsion after a particularly extravagant party left her room in shambles. She now resides at 34 Eastside with more like-minded individuals.

Her obsession with the film ‘fame’ has remained a constant companion as she pursues the stardom that is rightfully hers. In the words of Tallulah. “That girl can look a million dollars in a ten-buck dress.”


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