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“The Chelsea Can boast of Warhol and Dylan. What have we got? A destitute actor and a stoned guitarist who can barely manage two tunes.” Earl Jackson, the beleaguered manager of this tired establishment, has no shortage of grievances. The Eastside Hotel, a refuge for an eclectic assemblage of artists, musicians, mystics, and wandering souls, offers ample opportunity for his vexation.

Nestled on the fringes of Paradise, the hotel has been catering to its clientele since 1928. Inaugurated a mere year before the catastrophic Wall Street Crash, it has never entirely regained its footing. Within its ageing walls reside an assortment of eccentric characters, each with a story to tell

Among them, ‘Lady,’ the enigmatic denizen of room 94, who has not been seen by another soul in a decade, occupies the top-floor suite. Below her, Ron, the accidental owner, a relic of the summer of love in ’69, who arrived too stoned to discern that the festivities were unfolding in California, holds court. Across the hall, its newest resident, Bluebird, a fugitive from a past that threatens to engulf him, shelters.

These wayward souls find refuge under the watchful eye of Birdy, the matriarchal figure whose nourishing soups and counsel sustain more than one weary lodger. As Jackson wryly observes, “Amidst all this, we manage to accommodate the occasional paying guest.” The Eastside Hotel is a bastion of creative chaos and furtive histories, continuing to stand as a testament to the enduring spirit of those who find solace within its walls

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