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Eye Of The Beholder

During the Iraq war, soldiers were given a new drug they were told would strengthen their immune system and increase physical ability. The results proved to be unexpected. The drugs and the trial were quickly buried. Now the truth will emerge.

Weeks before his execution for a murder that ex-marine Harper claims no memory of. Disgraced journalist Erin Berken agrees to meet with him. Initially sceptical of his claim of visions, his case intrigues her. There seems little hope of discovering the truth until Rea Jackson enters their lives. Having run the records department of the Texas county courts for the past thirty years. She is part of a puzzle that leads to a terrifying realisation that will lead them to question all they held as true.


‘There is more to world than we see.’


The Beauty Of Dreams

Drawn ever deeper into Beta pharmaceuticals, Erin discovers a world that forces her to question the reality she has taken for granted. As the line between paranoia and investigation blurs, she must question who and what she can trust.

‘The sins of the father are passed down.’

From Dust To Stars

 Massachusetts Psychiatric Facility promises world-leading care for mental disorders. Among the patients receiving treatment, Erin Berken is a case of special interest. Can she persuade her carers to see the reality of her situation? Or will she remain lost, a helpless voice among the other patients? The concluding chapter of the Beholder series takes us to the darkest recesses of human nature to find the way ahead.

‘If nothing we know is real, what is left?’

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