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When word arrives that Jimmy has returned, it invariably signifies one of two possibilities: either the man is fleeing from some freshly brewed trouble or has exhausted his financial resources. A small-time criminal with aspirations far exceeding his grasp, Jimmy fancies himself a significant figure in the seedy underworld. Yet, it is not his illicit activities that typically trap him but the allure of the women who populate his world—specifically, the wives and girlfriends of the unsavoury dealers who employ him.

As Tallulah is wont to remark, “There are fifty states in this great nation, and Jimmy has worn out his welcome in forty-nine of them. It’s only a matter of time before he came slinking back to our doorstep.” That doorstep is typically the entrance to the MacArthur Bar. In this familiar haunt, Jimmy can attend to his dubious business dealings, interspersed with leisurely pool games and the occasional tipple. Thus, Jimmy’s return heralds an inevitable storm of mischief and intrigue as the residents of Paradise brace themselves for the chaos that will surely follow in his wake.


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