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If you find yourself plagued by an insatiable thirst for 7up at the ungodly hour of three in the morning, fear not, for Knucks stands ready to serve. Situated on the corner of the bustling main street, this steadfast establishment has been catering to the whims of its patrons around the clock for the better part of sixteen years. While it may lack the sophistication of Bergdorf’s, Knucks offers an indispensable array of essentials—cigarettes, milk, and aspirin, among others—at any time of day or night.

Over the years, a colourful cast of characters has graced the store’s aisles, each providing a unique attempt at customer service. Benny’s warm, inviting countenance may greet fortunate souls, while others may encounter Mikolaj, whose linguistic repertoire extends to a mere two words: “All good.” This enigmatic phrase, his response to all queries, has resulted in many customers leaving with products different from those they came for. Finally, Alex covers the graveyard shift and regards the cash register as an inscrutable contraption, a challenge he has yet to conquer, leaving those looking for a change severely disappointed.

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