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Upon her arrival from the distant land of Hong Kong some twenty years ago, Bling-bling possessed little but a useless spouse and a paltry dowry of five hundred dollars. With steadfast determination, she set about casting off the former whilst transforming the latter into a flourishing domain. She christened Little Kowloon, an endearing tribute to the district she had left behind in her homeland.

From the humble Knucks Convenience Store to the more illustrious MacArthur Bar, the collection of establishments lining the primary thoroughfare and the buildings beyond now mostly lay under her control.

Yet, there remains one elusive prize she covets to add to her burgeoning empire. An enduring quarrel, shrouded in mystery and unspoken by both parties, has, for the present, thwarted her aspirations. Each day, the burden of debt upon Paradise swells, and Bling-Bling, with her characteristic patience, finds solace in the inevitability of time.

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