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Welcome to “Paradise,” the small corner of New York, the movers and shakers, fraudsters, and fakers call home. With a mix of dark humor and irony providing moments of levity amid tense and dramatic situations, We follow the lives of this complex cast of characters who discover, in the words of Birdy, “life goes by real fast, so you better get busy living.”

Season one centers around Big Ted, the owner of an adult bookstore and drag club, who fights to keep his business from falling into the hands of the ambitious BlingBling, with the feisty trio of Mimi, Angel, and Tallulah standing ready to defend this “last bastion of bad taste.”

Season two revolves around the residents of 34th Eastside, a refuge for those seeking anonymity, with the hotel serving as a home for an eclectic mix of artists, musicians, and nomads. Their lives entwine as a dysfunctional family. Under the watchful eye of manager Jackson and the indomitable Birdy as they struggle to conceal the untimely death of its owner or face eviction.

Season three introduces the Preacher, the hottest horn player in the coolest clubs, leaving the residents of Paradise under his spell. Only one person knows the real reason for his arrival.

The final season finds BlingBling fighting for her survival against Nero, the Mafia boss, who seeks to expand his empire into Little Kowloon. BlingBling’s cunning may not be enough to defeat him, as she discovers the most difficult lesson of all: to ask for help.

Join Big Ted, Mimi, Angel, Tallulah, Jackson, Birdy, the Preacher, and BlingBling as they embark on a journey fueled by the steadfast belief that fortune will one day smile upon them.

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