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From noon until the early hours, the MacArthur Bar provides comfort and cheer for its patrons. Named in homage to the famed tune, MacArthur Park, the establishment’s proprietor, a certain Mr. Joe Sullivan, had thought the name fitting. However, the subsequent argument regarding the correct title of said song has incited many an altercation in the wake of ‘Happy hour’ overindulgence. Should you find yourself at its door, it would be prudent to refrain from discussing the much disputed ‘S,’ or lack thereof, within its signage.

Within the MacAuthur Bar’s hallowed walls, the house band’s lead vocalist, Barry, fancies himself the embodiment of Springsteen. Alas, the consensus amongst patrons, even in their inebriated states, deems that many a karaoke performer surpasses Barry’s sober renderings. Regrettably, owing to a solemn vow to his sister, Joe is sworn never to dismiss his nephew from his post. To mitigate the growing unrest,  Barry’s performances have gradually diminished in duration, a compromise that offers some solace to the regular clientèle.

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