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In the sweltering heat of a New York summer, the small enclave known as Paradise teems with life. For the “girls” Mimi, Tallulah, and Frankie, the small drag club known as Paradise has been home for the last five years. Under the watchful eye of its owner, Big Ted, they have clawed, shaken, and strutted their stuff to keep, in the words of Tallulah. “This tatty club the last bastion of bad taste.” As They fight to keep it from the hands of the ambitious BlingBling, whose sharp eye sees an opportunity. The “girls” are about to discover that even in heels, sometimes you have to walk like a man.

Meet the movers, shakers, fraudsters, and fakers as they navigate life’s unpredictable twists and turns amidst hidden secrets, colourful characters, and boundless possibilities. The year is 1979, and as one decade comes to a close, another is on the horizon, ready to transform the world.

‘It ain’t much, but this corner of New York may be the closest to Paradise I’ll ever get.’ Tullulah

34 Eastside

In the heart of Paradise lies 34th Eastside, a hotel that welcomes an eclectic mix of guests seeking refuge from a world that demands conformity. From the elusive ‘Lady’ who has made the hotel her home for longer than anyone can remember to the mysterious BB, whose shady dealings are as opaque as his background, these guests have one thing in common – a need for obscurity. Under the watchful eye of Manager Jackson and the indomitable Birdy, this family of misfits finds companionship in the most unexpected ways.

When the minor inconvenience of the hotel owners passing threatens to upend their chaotic existence, they must search to find a suitable replacement before the authorities catch wind and the hotel is closed down. In the second of the Paradise series, discover a place where friendships are forged in the unlikeliest of places.

‘The good, the bad, and the downright ugly. They all come here, and some never leave.’ Jackson.


Mr Parker

On the snow-covered sidewalks of Paradise, Alex Patree, known as “the Preacher,” arrives, playing the hottest horn in the coolest clubs. As the residents of Paradise fall under his spell, only one person knows the real reason for his arrival. The Preacher’s music may be heavenly, but his intentions are far from angelic. Amidst his charm and the seductive sound of his sax, a dangerous game is about to begin. Will the residents of Paradise see through his facade before it’s too late?

“When the preacher comes to town, you better be ready.” Mr Parker.





In the final instalment of the Paradise series, the formidable BlingBling, the queen of Little Kowloon, faces her most formidable challenge yet. YangSui has reigned supreme over Chinatown for years, and now he has set his sights on Little Kowloon. But BlingBling is not one to give up without a fight.

As the threat of YangSui looms over her, BlingBling must use all her cunning and wit to protect her beloved empire. But with the odds stacked against her, will she need to call upon the residents of Paradise to aid in her battle?

In a world where diamonds are a girl’s best friend and enemies lurk around every corner, BlingBling must keep her friends close and her enemies closer to come out victorious.

‘Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.’ BlingBling.


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