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‘It ain’t much, but this little corner of New York might be as close to paradise as I’ll ever get.’  Tullulah

In the diminutive enclave of New York City, affectionately christened as Paradise, a mere four blocks encompass the entirety of its existence. As Big Ted once remarked, “a place where considering everyone is just passing through, a hell of a lot decide to stay.” Meet the movers and shakers, fraudsters and fakers, in all their diverse and messed up glory as they navigate life’s unpredictable twists and turns.

The spirited ‘ladies ‘–Mimi, Tallulah, and Frankie, are about to learn that sometimes, even in heels, “you have to walk like a man.” As they fight to preserve their beloved drag club as “the last bastion of bad taste.”

Meanwhile, at the 34th Eastside Hotel, long past its glory, the owner’s unexpected death jeopardises the residents’ chaotic existence. Now, this motley crew of misfits must unite to find a suitable replacement before the authorities catch wind and shut down their cherished sanctuary.

Across at the vibrant and bustling ‘Little Kowloon’, home to the indomitable BlingBling. Things are about to take a decided turn for the worst as the Mob eyes her treasured empire.

This innovative project transcends traditional storytelling, blending television series, books, and virtual reality to offer an interactive experience in which audiences can transition from observer to participant.

Creating a virtual community around the four blocks of Paradise, visitors can delve deeper into the lives of its colourful residents and explore the unique locations that make this corner of New York truly special. Catch a drag show at the Club, sift through vintage vinyl at the local record store, dance the night away at the iconic Candy Shop, or buy the latest fashion trends at Vivienne’s boutique.

Incorporating virtual and augmented reality elements, dynamic characters, and interactive narratives, “Paradise” delivers a multi-layered experience that transports audiences to the heart of 1980s New York. This immersive approach to storytelling allows users to explore the vibrant world of Paradise on their terms, fostering a deeper connection to the narrative and the unforgettable characters that inhabit this fascinating world.


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