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For quite some time, I’ve been captivated by the boundless possibilities digital landscapes offer to storytellers, enabling us to delve deeper into the worlds we create. When I began crafting the Paradise Series, I was determined to intertwine the virtual realm within the very essence of the narrative. I aimed to transform the reader from a mere observer to an active participant, capable of interacting and evolving alongside the story.

Guided by this vision, I meticulously designed the book series, weaving virtual worlds and experiences into the story’s fabric. I soon discovered that each aspect influenced the other, like twins with distinct identities yet inextricably linked.

While I’ve taken some artistic liberties for narrative intrigue, my goal has been to blur the lines between the virtual and the tangible, merging fact and fiction to craft a believable alternate reality for my readers. The Chelsea Hotel, Studio 54, and Hell’s Kitchen are part of New York’s history and have formed the basis of Paradise.

The virtual world of Paradise enabled 70s New York to be only a click away. As always, I have aimed to explore what storytelling can be.

Please continue to savour your favourite book under the sun’s warmth or on a cosy, rainy afternoon. The simple pleasure of reading, fueled by nothing more than your imagination, is irreplaceable. But should you desire to delve deeper, I invite you to accompany me as we journey through these virtual worlds and forge your own unique experiences. Whatever your inclination, I trust these books will serve as your gateway and touchstone.

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