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A remnant of the fabled summer of ’69, Ron was too intoxicated to realise that the celebration was unfolding miles away in California. Instead, he stumbled into the Eastside Hotel and has remained there ever since. An inconspicuous two-chord contribution to a minor record finding a home in a salad dressing jingle granting him the means to buy the neglected hotel and provide him with a meagre yet stable income, which he supplements through various means, not all legal, when necessary.

The relentless consumption of various substances, whether snorted, injected, or imbibed, has left Ron with a demeanour both hazy and amicable. Much like his namesake and former drinking companion, Ronnie Wood, he exudes a certain charm that occasionally still catches the admiring glance of the opposite sex.

The melodic strains of his guitar fill the air as Ron tirelessly seeks the elusive third chord that would complete his latest masterpiece. He dreams of a grand comeback to the days of his youth and glory, but the whereabouts of the rest of his band remain a mystery, lost in the haze of time. If only he could rediscover their location, a reunion tour might follow, breathing life into the music that once defined him.


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